Send BMAC Down Under fans, I DID IT!!! I got shortlisted as one of only 25 people IN THE WORLD to advance to the next round of potentially becoming THE CHIEF FUNSTER for Sydney, Australia!!!!!!! THANK YOU to EVERYONE for following my campaign and supporting me! I wouldn’t have gotten this far without your love. Thank you for sharing the information and spreading the buzz about this contest and my campaign!!! A HUGE thank you to the contest judges at Tourism Australia for selecting me as one of the 25 shortlisted contestants. I am thankful and honored to have gotten this far.


Just got the email for the next round of the contest! Stay tuned for more info tomorrow about what’s next and what you can do it help!

In the mean time, share the love on Facebook and Twitter to @BMAC_DownUnder with #SendBMacDownUnder and #ChiefFunster


DSC258Tonight, we celebrate! Tomorrow, IT’S GAME TIME!


Check out the Tourism Australia website to see the other shortlisted Chief Funster’s!


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  1. Congratulations, Brittany! Your suburb extraordinary effort has set you apart from a literal world of competition!

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