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I’m a cheerleader for everything I participate in and love sharing my experiences with others. The “BMAC In Other News” page of my blog features some of my favorite blogs I have written, YouTube videos I am in (mostly performances) as well as websites I have been featured on. Choose me as Chief Funster for New South Wales and I will promote and share my experiences just as I have represented, promoted and shared these experiences!

Which one is YOUR favorite? I’d love to find out 🙂

BMAC Blogs:

Send BMAC Down Under For The Best Job In The World


Can social media really get you a job in Australia? Marist senior Brittany MacLeod hopes so.

This is the blog I wrote for my college’s blog “Marist Fox Tales” about the contest and my Send BMAC Down Under campaign!

BMAC Top 25 For Chief Funster: The Contest Continues!


This is the blog I wrote for Marist College’s blog Marist Fox Tales about me making Top 25 for Chief Funster and details about the next round of the Best Job In The World contest!

It’s Not Often You Get A Second Chance


When I sing, that is when I am most in my “element” and feel most complete. This is the blog I wrote about my injury and recovery from developing vocal nodules. I walk you through my college experience singing and how I had to relearn how to talk and sing.

Nederland Met Mijn Beste Vriend Joris


2 summers ago I caught the travel bug and ventured to England, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. My favorite of all my trips was my trip to visit my friend, Joris, at his home in the Netherlands. This is the blog I wrote about preparing for my trip and actually being in Nederland with Joris and his friends. To this day, these are some of my most precious life memories!

Thank You, SGA, For Changing My Life


My freshman and sophomore years at Marist College were spent as a member of the Student Government Association (SGA) running all around the student center going to different meetings to continue keep moving forward and making Marist an even better college to attend. Freshman year I served in a few positions, which include: Junior Senator, Assistant to the Vice President of Club Affairs and the Secretary on the Student Life Association executive board. My sophomore year I was the Vice President of Club Affairs and managed 85 clubs on campus as well as the Club Affairs board in addition to reporting to the Student Government Association. This blog details my SGA experiences and how I grew over time as a leader.

Marist Takes On NEACURH at NYU


The most exciting part of my college experience has been the endless opportunity to meet so many new and different people. I’m always hungry for new experiences and meeting people from different walks of life, so going to conferences as a delegate representing Marist College was a no brainer for me! I won’t brag about how many times I helped Marist win the spirit stick or how many times I led the conference in song, so you’ll just have to read and find out what else happened!

BMAC On The Web:

TEDx Marist Leader of the Week: Brittany MacLeod

The TEDx Marist team chose me as their very first “leader of the week”! What an honor! Check out my segment about leadership plus what other awesome things TEDx Marist is planning!

Summer Pre-College Experience

The summer before my senior year of high school I participated in the Summer Business Institute for the Pre-College program at Marist and earned 3 college credits. It was such a rewarding experience for me and was a huge reason why I decided to choose Marist for my education, which is why Marist asked me to share my experience!

Student Spotlight

This page goes along with the Marist Fund video (which you will find as the first link for BMAC On YouTube). I was hand picked by the Marist College Office of Advancement to share my college experience as a testimony for people to support and give back to Marist to help enhance student’s education like mine.

BMAC on YouTube:

Marist Fund 

I was hand picked by the Marist College Office of Advancement to share my college experience as a testimony for people to support and give back to Marist to help enhance student’s education like mine.

Midnight Train To Georgia

This is me singing Midnight Train To Georgia (by Gladys Knight and The Pips) for Marist College Singers performance of Love in the Afternoon February 2012. It was my first solo performance since having vocal nodules. How do you think I did?

Marist’s #1 Fan

Brittany MacLeod does it all and she has no plans of slowing down. Only in her sophomore year, MacLeod can already add former SGA officer, Toastmasters president, numerous committees and of course, Marist biggest fan to her growing resume. Her love of Marist can easily be seen by just walking in her dorm room, but her true dedication shines when she gets the chance to interact with other students. Just ask her yourself. You will be sure to find her either in a classroom, cheering on the sports teams, or making a difference in a club meeting.

Find out what MacLeod’s plans are for next semester and just why she does all that she does by watching this video (circa 2011)

Marist Women’s Basketball Game National Anthem

After being the national anthem singer for athletic events in high school, this was my college debut singing the national anthem for the Marist College women’s basketball team. Go Red Foxes!

National Anthem FHS

I used to sing the national anthem at most athletic events for my high school. Here is me singing the national anthem at a basketball game when I was a junior in high school before heading to work at the rink!

The Mentos Experiment

I always wanted to try this experiment! It was wicked cool to do and watch! I hope it entertains you as well.

Singing Cabaret for Jr. Miss

My senior year of high school I participated in a scholarship program called Jr. Miss. This is the talent portion of the show where I sang a section of ‘Cabaret’.

Les Mis

“The city goes to bed and I can live inside my head” and how true it is! I do my best thinking and creative work at night. In 8th grade I played the role of Eponine in Les Mis. Here is me singing “On My Own”. Enjoy!


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