Send BMAC Down Under wouldn’t be possible without all the incredible people who have helped me.

A HUGE and special thank you to my darling parental unit, Malcolm and Tracy MacLeod, who were the first people to tell me about the contest and encourage me to apply for Chief Funster!

Nizz– for assuming the role of my “press secretary” and helping spread the tale of SBDU to be featured in the news once I made top 25 for Chief Funster!

Mark Gamarra- Where would I be without you?! Thank you for being my #1 fan and encouraging my creativity and crazy ideas! You are my rock! Thank you for assuming the role of “campaign manager” 😛 and coining “Send BMAC Down Under” plus “BMAC= Building Memories Across Continents”

Eric Gambardella- Thank you for endlessly listening to me rave about this contest and supporting me! SBDU Street Team member.

Danielle Evangelista – I can’t even begin to thank you enough for taking a gazillion pictures of me and helping me record some of the video footage! Thanks for saving the day, taking kick booty pics and being such a great friend 😀


Jeff Roy– High profile referee endorsement. Massachusetts State Representative

Melissa Andrews – graphic design,  infographic designer & creater

Meredith Krim– videography, extra actress, public relations, SBDU Street Team

Catherine Dambruch – graphic design

Marlee Giglio – Videography

John MacLeod – Photography and graphic design

Danielle Evangelista – Photography/ actress extra

Jess Mastroserio – videography/ actress extra

Kelley Sullivan – Australia paraphernalia

Stephen Azierski – actor extra

Joe Riccardi – actor extra

Mike DiBari – actor extra

Henry Zhang – actor extra

Jon Malloy – actor extra

Alexa Winkler – actress extra

Brianna Winkler – actress extra

Brian Loew – actor extra

Brian Apfel – actor extra

Mike Brosseau – actor extra

Lou Santiago – actor extra

Brian Haughey – actor extra

Kevin Hunker – actor extra

Gabe Gambino – actor extra

Jake Jacobsen – actor extra

Renee Stagnaro – actress extra

Elmore Alexander – actor extra

Kate Budzinski – actress extra

Meg Bollmann – actress extra

Erin Lynch – actress extra

Croix Laconsay – actor extra

Tim Ondrey – actor extra

Ademiwalore Mojiminiyi – actor extra

Anthony Izzo – actor extra

Mele Moniz – actress extra

Dana Murano – actress extra

Sarah Cordeiro– SBDU Street Team member

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