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The Fun Has Already Begun!

I made it to Sydney, Australia! WAHOO! I had a flight from Boston to LA, an 8 hour layover in LA and then another flight from LA to Sydney. I spent a long couple of days traveling and am definitely jet lagged, but it’s so worth it! The fun has only just begun for me and the other Best Jobs finalists.


View of the Grand Canyon on my flight from Boston to LA

I was welcomed to Sydney by a lovely limo driver named Ross who took me and 3 other finalists from the airport to our hotel in a sweet new Audi. On our short ride from the airport to the hotel, I asked Ross who the most famous person he’s ever driven round is and he told me that he had recently escorted Rihanna around Sydney! Imagine that! Only a few weeks before, Ross was driving RIHANNA around and now he’s escorting little old me! TOO COOL! The hotel we are currently staying at is QT Sydney and let me tell you it is quite the swanky place!

Not too long after I arrived at the hotel, I met my Tourism Australia representative, Matt McInnes in the hotel lobby then me and the other 17 Best Jobs finalists headed over to the Tourism Australia office to get started for the week! We had an itinerary briefing, media training, and some technology demos. I know what you’re thinking… technology demos? Is that really necessary? Well it sure is because we were gifted brand new Nikon Coolpix AW110 cameras as well as the new Nokia Lumia 520 so we had to be instructed how to use them. So far the Nikon camera is my FAVORITE! It was a wifi and GPS feature. I LOVE it and am psyched to have it in my possession for the week and then “real life” after that!


Today started out very exciting with a media call with Virgin Australia! The 18 Best Jobs finalists paraded out of the terminal in our Best Jobs gear excited to finally be in Aus and rockin our Tourism Australia logos. We then had a special announcement in the Virgin Australia Lounge where they announced that there is a 7th Best Job In The World! Virgin Australia announced the “High Flyer” position. Yep! That’s right! There’s a 7th best job!



After the Virgin Australia media call we headed to Circular Quay where we saw Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. We ate lunch outside at the Opera Bar. It was such a beautiful day and nice to be outside. Being surrounded by the iconic Sydney landmarks this afternoon was the first time I’ve truly felt like I am finally in Australia.


There’s a TON going on and I have to admit I haven’t been as energetic as I usually am because I am still jet lagged. Hopefully I will be all rested for the morning and good to go from here on out! I am SUPER excited for tomorrow’s schedule! We are going to Taronga Zoo, which I have been looking forward to visiting since before I even knew I had made it to Top 3, PLUS we are meeting Ben Southall, the 2009 Best Job In The World winner. I am very much looking forward to meeting Ben because he was a huge inspiration to me when I first found out about the contest. I originally was going to campaign to him to convince him to endorse me in my original entry video, but then I thought if I’m going to go through all the trouble of convincing, why don’t I sell myself and convince Tourism Australia to pick me and that is the (most abbreviated version ever) story of how Send BMAC Down Under was created! I can’t wait to meet Ben in person and thank him for the inspiration!

I’m wicked tired, but we have a crazy awesome week ahead, so it’s time for me to wash up and hit the hay! Be sure to follow me on Twitter @BMACtastic for live updates from Australia as well as Instagram (BMACtastic) and my Facebook page

All 18 Best Jobs Finalists in Circular Quay today!

All 18 Best Jobs Finalists in Circular Quay today!

The Chief Funster challenges start on Saturday! WOOHOO! Which reminds me…guess what? I have 4 extra tickets to the FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifier game of Australia vs. Iraq! Interested in going? Send me a message through my Facebook page convincing my why I should take you and you might just get a ticket!  OH and if I choose to pick you, you’re also having dinner with us prior to the game. This is part of one of my challenges to prove to Destination New South Wales that they should hire me as their Chief Funster. I am judged based on who I bring to the game and the story of the person of why I picked them to attend. Holla at ya girl if you’re in Australia and think you deserve this experience!

Street Cred

I’ve finally earned my street cred! Be on the look out for these signs 😉

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Railroad Crossing

bmac signs jpeg


Thank you to sophomore Catherine Dambruch for making my dreams of these signs a reality! YOU ROCK!

Just The Facts

BMac infographic


Infographic designed by sophomore Melissa Andrews. She is a Public Relations major with a Business minor.

Thoughts Leading Up To The Shortlist Announcement


Saw this lazy guy at Roger Williams Zoo the summer entering my freshman year at Marist with hopes that I’d be able to go abroad for a semester in Australia. I wasn’t able to go abroad because of professional responsibilities to my college, so when I heard about this contest, I saw it as my second chance.


If it’s meant to be, it will be. I know it’s out of my hands now. I submitted my entry video and have gone even further with creating the Send BMAC Down Under campaign. My emotions have been all over the place. Sometimes I’m really excited and anxious to hear the results of the contest and feel like I can’t wait any longer and other times I know I just need to keep doing what I do everyday and the results will come along soon enough.  I’m so lucky to have such a great support system. My family, friends and everyone else at my college have been so helpful and interested in everything that I am doing with the contest and my campaign. It keeps the momentum going and my excitement about Australia grows every day.  I keep having day dreams of where I’ll be if [and when] I get the email that I advance to the next round.  It’s crazy to think that in only 4 days I’ll either have a shot at getting this job of a lifetime or going back to the old drawing boards of applying to positions in social media and advertising back home. I wish there was more I could do to show the judges just how much the position of Chief Funster means to me and how I’d rock it in Sydney. I am only one month away from graduating Marist College with a Communications- Advertising major and Business minor. Between my education and all my extra curricular activities, I am more than fully prepared to be Chief Funster. Hopefully I’ve impressed the judges and in 4 days I’ll be announcing that I am one of the top 25 in the runnings for Chief Funster! Fingers (and toes) crossed everyone! Stay tuned!