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Letter of Recommendation from Mark Gamarra

Mark M. Gamarra

Los Angeles, CA

Dear World,

I’ve been asked to convince you why Brittany MacLeod is the perfect Chief Funster for Tourism Australia’s “Best Jobs in the World” contest.  This sounds like a tough assignment, but for me, it’s simple.

Brains.  This young woman has the smarts for the job.  As the Chief Funster, she’ll review festivals and events and serve as the social media guru for New South Wales, Australia.  Based out of Sydney, she’ll have to tweet, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare… you get the picture, everything she does.  With her ebullient spirit and her contagious energy, every Aussie will be ‘following’ her through her adventures and knowing where the “IT” spots are to be.  I would say social media is second nature for her, but it isn’t.  It’s her life, all day, everyday.  She developed a thorough campaign to successfully gain herself a position in the Top 25 candidates – she has the tools and knows how to use them, to create a fun and informative environment wherever she goes.

Maturity.   It’s easy to say, “she’s too young…” or “oh, but, she’s just 21.”  Age is merely a number for Brittany.  It means nothing.  Though I have known her for four years (although it seems a lifetime!), she exemplifies a character of responsibility with her schoolwork, her job as the social media liaison for Marist College, her close-knit family, and her community.  She has always been involved in leadership organizations throughout her college career, typically holding an elected position of authority, or being the #1 advocate for her fellow peers.  This position is not one she will take lightly, as she takes everything she does to heart.  I have full trust that she will handle it with professionalism and the utmost respect for the contest organizers, whom she will be representing.

Assertion.  You couldn’t imagine someone with such ability to break the ice in any situation.  She’s not the “type of person” to start a conversation, she IS that person.  As her advisor for a student-leader organization at Marist, I witnessed firsthand the kind of gusto she brings to a group.   While attending conferences throughout the States, it would be me asking, “WHERE’S BRITTANY?” not even five minutes upon arrival.  Where would she be?  Making friends, complementing other schools, running around telling everyone where she comes from and why they should care.  Her dynamic personality is incomparable, to the point where by dinnertime of that first night, everyone would be pointing (laughing) and yelling at me “THERE’S BRITTANY!”

Commitment.  True dedication is what drives Brittany – in everything she does.  Whether speaking in front of fellow Toastmasters, singing her heart out, helping out a friend, or taking the lead on a group project, she always makes sure goals are met.  She determines her path to success, and through intricate planning, as well as a solid subconscious stream, she gets the job done.  The loyalty she has towards the people she works with, combined with an effervescence that keeps the most tired alert and ready to grind all gears… there’s honestly no stopping what this young lady can accomplish.  What surprises most people when they get to know her is that she isn’t someone who is ‘all talk’ – she’s all-action and gets the best from her team.  I know this will hold true whether she’s home, at school, or